This page will be updated with new publication links and any info on upcoming book releases. This is not an exhaustive list, as most of my credits are no longer online or never were online in the first place. Remember when magazines and newspapers were made from, well, paper?


I was a regular contributor for Middle Places. You can find my posts for that site on this blog now, as the site has closed its virtual doors.

My debut novel will release in 2021

Grandma, You Can Have My Wings
My Brother is the Poem
Red Jacket
3 poems @ Scarlet Leaf
Pipe Cleaner Children
3 Poems @ Young Adult Review Network
Pilgrimage (page 27)
There’s a Poem in my Closet
Sleeping in Salt (page 9)
You Pick Fruit and I Pick Poems (page 30)
That Book (page 32)
Poem for Honduras
Mama Goose 
Little Red Riding Hood
2 Poems in this Journal
Upon Eve’s Return
A Conversation Among Mountains Via Wikipedia

Isn’t She Perfect
Mama Goes Back to School
Strangers in Love
Guffs and Snuvs
Middle Places (The book)
Post Traumatic Parenting Disorder
A Terrible Coincidence 
Counting Sunrises (in this anthology)

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