Funny Scenes from Real Life

Actual conversation with an 8th grade boy: Him: What’s that? Me: (looking down at my Kindle Paperwhite and then back at the boy) A Kindle Him: (eyes wide) That’s the strangest looking Kindle I ever saw. Me: That’s because it’s just a Kindle, not a tablet. It’s for reading. Him: Wow. (leaning over to examineContinue reading “Funny Scenes from Real Life”

A Scene from Real Life

I give you a scene from real life. We traveled to a baseball tournament a few weekends ago, and we stayed with my best friend’s family. Between games, my boys entertained Leila’s girls, and it was lovely. One morning, Leila carried a cardboard box into the kitchen. We get enough packages that my boys instantlyContinue reading “A Scene from Real Life”