Learning a New Language

Maybe, just maybe, if I learn to follow my heart and open my mouth, someone else will know their life has not escaped God’s notice. Maybe God will use me if I lay down my pride and just try.

Some Thoughts on “Voluntourism”

I’ve seen a few articles on “voluntourism” going around Facebook. Having just returned from Honduras, I feel the need to step up and defend mission trips, but the truth is… a lot of what these articles have to say is right. I thought this one had fair things to share from both sides. In my…

Mi Esperanza

I have a lot of stories to share over the next few weeks or months. There are truths to be unpacked that I can only process through writing. All of those stories… every last one of them, centers on hope.

A Hallmark of this Home

Tomorrow, Corey and I will board a flight to Honduras, and I will help build a house in Natalie’s memory.