The Scientific Method of Getting Luckie

Dear Neglected Blog, I am neck-deep in two jobs and full-time school. I miss you. I miss writing my thoughts on a leisurely morning, coffee steaming beside me. Those days will come again. In the meantime, please take a trip over to Swoon Reads and read my book (for free) for a limited time. TheContinue reading “The Scientific Method of Getting Luckie”

And I Read: 2017 Edition

In January… I obsessively listened to the Liturgists podcast. The word “hygge” entered my life. I went back to college after 13 years away. I plotted a novel about a Honduran-American girl. The Well celebrated their first “Worship-versary.” I struggled with children’s Bible stories. Corey brought home a new kitten, Tegus. I turned 35. AndContinue reading “And I Read: 2017 Edition”

Review: Blood Rose Rebellion

Yesterday, I alternated practice equations for my math final with chapters from Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves. When I first started reading, I was slightly disappointed by the British setting, though I am not sure why. I normally adore all things British. But, the setting quickly shifted to Hungary, and that was gorgeous. IContinue reading “Review: Blood Rose Rebellion”

Review: Hollywood Homicide

I don’t read a ton of mystery novels, but sometimes it is fun to play connect-the-dots… can I put the clues together before the author reveals the killer/thief/bad guy? I recently picked Hollywood Homicide by Kellye Garrett for a fun bit of escapism. I liked the main character, Dayna, pretty quickly. Her mix of sarcasmContinue reading “Review: Hollywood Homicide”