El Fin de Semana

This is the first weekend I have had entirely to myself while in Madrid. Last weekend, I went to Pamplona and a long list of other places. The weekend before, I spent all of Saturday touring Toledo and mostly rested on Sunday.

This weekend?

When I was a little girl, my dad spent some time in Madrid. He brought home photos from the Zoo, and I was in love with those pictures. So, tomorrow, I am taking myself to the zoo in the morning, before it gets hot enough to melt the pavement.

Sunday, I am going to El Rastro with a few people from my program. You know how I love thrift stores and bargain shopping, so this giant flea market seems like a must-do for me.

Other than those two set activities, I have a list of bookstores, gelato shops, museums, etc… I have organized these places by nearest Metro stop (in alphabetical order) on my phone, so I can make the most of my outings.

My overall anxiety has been okay on this trip, but this week has been harder than the previous two. My grammar class is a struggle. I am used to being one of the best students in any class. That’s more a part of my identity than I knew. I am not the best student in my grammar class, not by a long shot. I really like the professor, but I can’t seem to wrap my brain around the information quickly (or at all). I’m sure it doesn’t help that I don’t want to spend as much time studying as I normally do, because I am in Spain. I want to go do things and see things in my free time, not hole up in my room with schoolwork.

I have a week and a half left to enjoy this amazing place. I am about to take a small siesta and then head to the Metro.


Published by Heather Truett

Heather is a writer, a student, a mother, and a slightly heretical pastor's wife. She is represented by Hilary Harwell of KT Literary

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