Currently: Edición de Pascua

Current Books: I had a gift card from my birthday, so I bought myself Amanda Lovelace’s new volume: The Witch Doesn’t Burn in this One. On audio during my school commute, I am listening to Pretend We Are Lovely by Noley Reid. I just finished Maybe the Saddest Thing by Marcus Wicker (I get to take a workshop with him next semester!). Most of my reading is from textbooks right now. At least I have interesting textbooks.

Current Playlist: I just bought a song that I heard at the start of the Justice League movie, “Everybody Knows” by Sigrid.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Window shopping on Poshmark and ThredUp. I don’t end up buying anything, but I spend way too much time browsing.

Current Color: I’m into purple lately. This wasn’t a conscious shift. I just noticed that I have bought a lot of purple items lately.

Current Food: I had O’Charley’s for dinner last night, thanks to gift cards from my coworkers after my brother’s funeral. I basically made out with the rolls. Don’t judge me.

Current Drink: I’m fantasizing about Banana Tropical soda from Honduras. I need to stop at the Honduran place on Getwell Rd and buy a bottle (or three).

Current Favorite Favorite: The Goodwill on Winchester in Memphis. My friend, Carrie, and I went last weekend. I don’t let myself go over there often, because I always find a ton of clothes I want and that would break the bank if it happened monthly. Ya know? But I had not been in over a year, so I splurged and bought some fun clothes and shoes. I adore second-hand shopping. I have a lot of opinions about ethics in the fashion industry, but buying the ethically made clothing I can feel good about costs more than I can budget. Second hand is my compromise. I am not giving my money directly to the brands that worry me. And yes, I know, there have been concerns raised about Goodwill also. I have been researching other options in the area.

Current Wishlist: I want an electric kettle for the kitchen. Oh, and I want to buy a crimping iron. I know…. Corey says I am currently reliving my teenage rebellion phase of life.

Current Needs: I need to make a dentist appointment now that I have a more flexible work schedule. I also need to make an eye appointment. And I need some scholarships for the fall semester.

Current Triumph: I was invited to read poems at a Women’s History event for the English Department on campus. I chose my college based on their English department, so that made me very happy.

Current Bane-of-My-Existence: The essay I have to write for Anthropology this weekend… I don’t know why. It’s a simple essay about a topic that interests me. But my brain is resisting.

Current Indulgence: I joined Ipsy. I am trying to find make-up products I like without breaking the bank, so it seemed like a good choice.

Current Outfit: This year’s ensemble for Easter includes red striped skinny jeans with a white tee and cowboy boots.

Current #1 Blessing: Time with my husband. With our respective work schedules and my school and all of the kids’ activities it can be difficult to make time for just the two of us, but we did this weekend and it was a lot of fun.

Current Quote: “But remember that reading provides nourishment for hungers we might not even be aware of. How often have I chosen a book at random and found in it an answer I didn’t realize I was seeking.” ― Beth Ann Fennelly, Great with Child: Letters to a Young Mother

Current Photo:

Photo Mar 30, 11 11 11 AM
Poem I wrote on the wall at Huey’s

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