Review: Box of Awesome Things

Last year, I did a few posts reviewing picture books, since I am spending a lot of time reading to preschoolers. Along those lines, I found a neat matching game that I took to school and shared with my students.

A Box of Awesome Things Matching Game


Matching games are pretty timeless in general. It helps kids learn to take turns and sharpens their memory. I found that using all of the cards was a bit overwhelming at first. If I picked just a few matches and mixed those up, it was easy to teach the kids how to play.

What I love about this set of cards is that they are different than the typical kids’ matching game. It’s not cartoon animals or the alphabet. The objects are a little odd in some cases, and kids love odd. Odd things make them giggle.

Here you can see a few of the awesome things the kids get to match from the box:


“Magnets” and “Science” also made the cut, and I love that because I try to teach my students to care about science and we have a whole set of magnet toys in the classroom.

These illustrations are fun and simple, and I adore them.




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