For Such a Time as This

I’m struggling with how to best use my voice right now.

Writing is my thing. Words are my medium. I want to say things. I want to say so many things.

My Facebook feed is full of articles I agree with and I could repost them to my own wall. I could hoist my current opinions and fears and beliefs onto people that way, but I haven’t.

For me (and this is for me, I cannot decide what works best for you), posting too much of that stuff on Facebook feels like a waste of my time and my power. For the most part, people who follow me there either agree with me already or aren’t going to be swayed by me sharing the same articles and slogans that everyone else in their feed is sharing.

There are too many fake news stories. If you don’t want to believe something you read, just tell yourself it is one of the untrue things the media is currently pushing on the public. This argument is true often enough to work well in just about any situation.

I don’t want to be another written-off Facebook friend, unfollowed or unfriended because my opinions make someone uncomfortable. I don’t think that helps me or them.

But I cannot be quiet.

Nazis met in large number this week. They met in our nation’s capitol, if I understood the news correctly. I watched bits of the footage, but it made me sick to my stomach. It reminded me of my visit to the Holocaust Museum five years ago. I will not link to stories about this event. You can find them on your own. You can decide what sources to trust, because I am sure whichever I share will be the wrong one for some reader or another. Quite frankly, I just refuse to pull the links up on my computer. I won’t have that disgusting propaganda in my browser history.

Here is what I want to use my voice to remind my friends and family:

When the Nazi party formed, they were not known as evil. They were a group of people wanting to make political changes. We hear the word “Nazi” and cringe, but it is because of what those people did under that word.

These people call themselves “alt-right,” and that isn’t a term that makes us cringe. But it should, because they are trying to be exactly who the Nazis became. These are not the “neo-nazi” or “skinhead” stereotypes we are used to. These are men and women in suits and ties, business executives, our neighbors, employees, bosses, and friends. They look like respectable people, but the words they are speaking…

It always starts with words.

Words are power.

Words are power, and that is why I have been so quiet on Facebook over the last few weeks. I have been thinking and stewing and praying and waiting. Words are what God gave me. They are my gift, and I want to use them well. I don’t want to lash out with my words and do more harm than good.

My words show you who I am, and so does my silence. So I cannot be silent.

I will continue to choose my words carefully. I will look for ways to use my words well and not haphazardly.

For such a time as this…


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