Machinations: A Review

Back in January, I got the pleasure of sharing a cover reveal of the novel Machinations by Hayley Stone. Now, I have the added pleasure of telling you about the book, since I got to read it last week. I’ve been mulling it over since then, debating what is most important to share with you.

I have a love for post-apoc/dystopian literature. I don’t read it nearly as often as I used to, because I got a little burned out on it. When my Facebook feed regularly reminds me of my current position in what amounts to a dystopian society, I find myself looking for something different in my books. But I always come back to the topic.


It was Fahrenheit 451 that started me down this path, and I think Bradbury would enjoy reading Machinations by Hayley Stone. It’s got that same mix of a character that is both likable and unknowable, plus a future that is familiar and foreign all in one gulp.

If you love playing the what if game, this is a book for you.

What if our technology took over?

What if, in our effort to end war, we start the biggest war in the history of the world?

What if you could clone yourself… just in case?

Mixed into all of these big issues are the smaller human issues that make a story real to us, no matter the setting. A girl in love, a friendship that might be more, a woman coping with loss and a million questions about what makes a person who she is.

Plus some pretty awesome pop culture references and plenty of snark.

It was a really good read and I hope you will take the time to grab a copy for yourself when it releases later this month.


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