Mi Esperanza

My summer got rerouted in the best way ever…

A year ago, my husband traveled to Honduras on a mission trip with the youth of FUMC Tupelo. He came home in love. I fully expected that passion to fade, but it hasn’t done so. In January, Corey was back on an airplane, headed to Honduras. He went with a smaller group from FUMC Tupelo. They took the money our church had raised and provided for EVERY CHILD in the community of Diamante to go to school.

Every. Child.

While there, they took inventory of what was needed to make the school run smoothly and started laying plans for a trip this summer. I won’t fill you in on every detail in this post, but when we left, there was a functioning system of school buildings complete with desks, white boards, etc…

Let’s back up though. When they started planning this summer’s trip, I was not going. I began, instead, working to raise $1500 to build a house in memory of my friend, Natalie. I knew I could raise enough money to either build or go, and I chose to build. I did raise the money and picked a verse for the plaque. Corey promised to take a million pictures of the Natalie house being built, and I would rejoice from afar.

Let me first assure you, I was okay with this plan. I was not pitying myself for not going on the trip. I was honest-to-goodness joyful over the Natalie house being built and over my husband’s continued passion for Honduras. His eyes are so beautiful when He is loving.

The eyes of Christ are so beautiful when HE is loving… and HE is always loving us.

When a friend called my husband and said one member of her family needed to back out of the trip, she offered the ticket to us. Neither of my sons have passports and the trip was two weeks out, so I accepted the ticket. I arranged childcare, rescheduled appointments, and started brushing up on my meager Spanish skills.

Talk about a reroute.

We boarded a plane in Birmingham, connected in Houston, and landed in Tegucigalpa around lunchtime on June 25th. Our first stop, after lunch, was a place I had heard about for a decade.

Mi Esperanza

My Hope

I first heard about Mi Esperanza from a friend who went to Honduras on mission trips. She told the story of a beautiful dream, women helping women. Please take the time to visit the Mi Esperanza website and learn more, donate, or shop. You will never be sorry you did.

Back when Emily told me about Mi Esperanza, I bought a bag through her and I still have it. She also gave me a beautiful red skirt made by the women there. I loved it, but somewhere in the span of two moves, it disappeared. I couldn’t imagine where it had gone, and it was on my mind as we planned our trip to Honduras.

Packing to move, guess what my husband found in the corner of my closet, tucked behind boxes, hidden from sight?

My red Mi Esperanza skirt.


That it reappeared days before I was to board a plane for Honduras filled my heart with joy. I cannot believe it was a coincidence. It was, instead, an affirmation. I was following the right path… Jesus was there in front of me.

So, that first day on Honduran soil, we visited Mi Esperanza. I stood there, saying hello to one of the founders, looking around at bags and necklaces and sewing machines, my feet reaching the end of a pilgrimage I never knew I was on.

It felt right.

I have a lot of stories to share over the next few weeks or months. There are truths to be unpacked that I can only process through writing. All of those stories… every last one of them, centers on hope.


Whatever else may come… whatever detour this life takes… That is who and what Jesus is…

Mi Esperanza… My Hope

For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth. -Psalm 71:5


*originally published on Middle Places

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