Dreaming into 2015

2014 has drawn to a close and I didn’t do any of my traditional end of the year posts. I apologize. I could still do them, but I feel like it’s time for a change. Instead of scrambling to make the bookish year-in-review posts I skipped while sulking around with the flu, I am going to focus on the future.

It’s 2015, y’all.

Every year, I ask God for a theme. This is not a resolution kind of thing. It has zero to do with goal-setting or expectation for the year ahead. Instead, I take what He gives me and use it as a lens with which to look at the events of my year,

Last year, my theme was Oblation. I thought that was my theme because I had started the process of becoming an oblate to a monastery. A year later, I am not an oblate, though I have not 100% abandoned the idea. It just turned out to be wrong timing, and I am unsure when the right timing might happen.

Oblation is another word for devotion, and 2014 was full of me learning about devotion… I learned where my devotion was misplaced and misfocused. I saw where I needed to be more devoted and I also struggled with religious devotion.

A. Lot.

That’s usually how my themes go. I think they mean one thing and God flips me on my head. The year of Purpose and Vision? The year of Freedom? Lawdy… The year of Patience? Those were some crazy years.

This year?


That’s my word.

The implications are manifold. And I want to believe this gift of a 2015 theme means my own writing dreams are about to come true.

They might.

But I suspect there is a lot more to my theme than book publication. I suspect God is planning to teach me a thing or two about chasing dreams… mine and Corey’s… the dreams of my children and friends…

Maybe there are some dreams I will have to let go of. Maybe there are new dreams to be embraced.

I won’t lie and say I’m not nervous. When I first heard the word in my head, I asked God to send confirmation. Because the word scared me. I’ll admit it. The year of Patience didn’t show my patience paying off. Rather, I found I needed more of it that I could ever dream of possessing. So the word dream made me worried… what if it means I will LOSE my dreams instead of making them come true?

The thing is, whether God gave me the theme or not, what will happen this year will happen. I may as well jump on board.

And, yes, again and again, the theme has been confirmed.

2015 is very definitely a year about dreaming.


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