Holy Happy

I think you stood up
The grave clothes tumbled
from a brand new body.
The sun shone through
holy holes
in healing hands,
and you
I see you standing by
the open grave,
the empty tomb,
and there are lines
around your mouth,
smile lines and maybe
dimples. Maybe dimples
and maybe crinkles
around your eyes.
There you are, and
there she is, Mary,
walking to the place
your death was framed
for her, made real.
You saw her coming.
You saw men running.
You knew what they
would not find, and you
grinned, and you
There was joy
when you opened
your eyes. There
was joy in
your heart. There was
reason for a celebration,
and with all of your heart
bursting from the grave,
I believe
you laughed.
One day
I will get to stand
in your holy happy
and I know my heart
will fill and overflow
with joy, and
we will laugh.

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