The Night Circus: Review

I hesitate to use the word enchanting, because that seems cliche for reviewing a book about magicians.  However, this book is enchanting.  Mesmerizing.  Hypnotic.  Any other cliches you can think of?  They probably fit.

The Night Circus is a grown-up fairy tale.  It is like crawling into bed with a mug of hot cocoa and listening intently to a master storyteller.  This storyteller can weave brilliance out of the air around your head.  Every strand of his web is worth feeding yourself to the spider for.

The only negative I have read from anyone, so far, is based on the characters.  Someone stated that they did not feel as invested as they hoped to feel for the characters.  I thought about it, but I have to say I did not find this a problem.  As a matter of fact, the distance you seem held at is part of the magic.  After all, when you go to see a magician, you do not go backstage and learn his tricks.  Part of the experience is the mystery, and this book has the best kind of mystery.  Also, it seems to me, the character the author most wants you to love is the Circus herself. The Night Circus, in all her glory and beauty, is the woman of the hour.  All due is paid to her.

When I closed the cover, I was left with a lump in my throat.  I have been struggling to find anything else interesting right now.  What can I read after The Night Circus? Other novels on my list pale beside her.

Thank you Erin Morgenstern.  You are brilliant, and I am your newest most loyal fan.


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