Cathedral Building

Cathedral building
takes time, I know.
And, in the end,
no one can even tell you
who laid the bricks
and cut the stones.
Cathedral building.
Character building.
Step by step,
day after day,
to-do lists that include
vocabulary tests and
reading chapters aloud
and timing how he reads
on his own.
No one
I slap together
and roll out dough
for birthday treats.
I explain subtraction
and use one hundred pennies
to multiply
I count to three
and give time-outs
and reexplain
the rules.
No one
Brick upon brick,
I try to build up his heart
and cut stones
that will help him stand
against the world.
I carve
the words of God
into his days,
and I repeat the steps
again tomorrow.
No one
Alone, at night,
sun-eyes closed and moon
I gaze at a cathedral
of sky and stars,
careful constructed
by hands
that no one

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