Currently: Marching On

Current Books: Eldest in the car.  The Lightening Thief and Shakespeare’s Secret with Haydn, during school. I finished the first two books in the Hunger Games trilogy and have the third one in hand. I’m reading The Explosive Child. I almost finished Numbers. I’m reading and blogging God in the Yard.
Current Playlist:  Sometimes Pandora.  Usually, silence.  Haydn and I did listen to African drums while we painted last week.  Does that count?
Current Shame-Inducing-Guilty-Pleasure: I had an Elvis smoothie today.  Chocolate, peanut butter and banana.  YUM!
Current Colors:  Green and pink.  Bright bright bright.
Current Fetish: Art supplies.  Haydn and I have so much fun with paint.
Current Food: I am making beef and broccoli tonight.  Yum. Craving Captain D’s, but I get sick to my stomach every single time I eat there.  So much grease.  Why, then, do I still crave it?
Current Drink: Finishing my Diet Coke supply.  Water for Lent.  Yay…. ?
Current Favorite Favorite:  Co-Op.  Haydn had fun today.  And he got to play with other kids.  YAY!!!
Current Wishlist: Spring always makes me dream of new clothes.  Why is that?
Current Needs: To slow down and let God handle things
Current Triumph: Lots of blessings in my life, lately.  I do not see them as triumphs though.  At least, I didn’t do anything special.  But, God is winning victories on my behalf, and I am grateful.  So. Very. Grateful.
Current Bane-of-my-Existence: A headache that keeps showing up
Current Celebrity Crush:  The guy who played Logan on “Gilmore Girls” showed up in my dream last night.  I was Rory and had flown across the country to win him back.  Odd.
Current Indulgence: Losing myself in the Hunger Games trilogy
Current Mood: Shifting
Current #1 Blessing:  Corey has been helping with the laundry since I have been homeschooling and working weekends.  I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful this is.
Current Slang or Saying: Can’t think of any
Current Outfit: Jeans, green tee, pink sweater, hand-painted TOMS.

Current Link: Our CoOp.


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