Catalogue Poem

The morning started with
me waking before my alarm and taking
a hot shower in the dim light.
The morning started with
my children arguing over cereal bowls
and spilled milk
at the kitchen table as the sun came up
over our horizon.
The morning started with
reading together, about adventure and family
and then packing lunches and back packs and
heading out the door to school and errands.
Their education. My grocery shopping.
The morning started with
a long To Do list scribbled on rainbow
lines of notepad pages, and laundry
piled on the living room couch.
The morning started with
praise music in the air and drama
on the television,
not to mention
mops and brooms and one loud and strong
green vacuum.
The morning started with
little lips saying
The Lord’s Prayer, and
listening to an audio book in the car, as I drove
familiar streets in the neighborhood,
and then I was home with dishes to wash
and a quick lunch made
in the microwave.
The morning started with
God whispering hello
in the predawn hours,
and the world waking up
to His voice.

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