Currently: April 2010

Current Books: I recently finished The Art of Racing in the Rain, A Positive Life, Committed, and a few others.  Now, I am reading a kids’ book called May Bird and the Ever After.  First in a series.  I may pass it onto Savannah when I’m done.

Current Playlist:  This and that.  Nothing steady. I created an Addison Road station on Pandora for when I am working on media.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream.  I decided to give up ice cream during the Daniel study.  I lasted less than 24 hours.

Current Colors: Deep hues

Current Fetish: um….  nothing?

Current Food: Lately, it has been anything that doesn’t hurt my teeth.

Current Drink: Diet Mt Dew

Current Favorite Favorite: Olivia.  🙂  Leila’s new baby girl.

Current Wishlist: Acedia and Me by Kathleen Norris, a writer’s retreat somewhere beautiful and peaceful, a break for my husband, InsideOut by L. L. Barkat

Current Needs: I am well cared for.

Current Triumph: Publishing poetry

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: Distance.  People are separated by too much distance.

Current Celebrity Crush: Matthew Bomer

Current Indulgence: Um… did I mention the ice cream?

Current Mood:  I am restless today.  I have my Poet’s Market and planned to do some submitting.  I did one day’s work in my Daniel study.  I wrote my morning pages.  Now, I just can’t figure out what I feel up to doing next.

Current #1 Blessing: A husband who bends over backwards to make my life a good one

Current Slang or Saying: “There’s a poem in that.”

Current Outfit: An old pair of Levis, a wine colored top and my shiny silver zebra flats.

Current Link: Am going to try THIS.


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