I had a dream last night. In it, I was very worried about balance. This is normal for me. I am often complaining that I cannot seem to balance anything in my life. I am prone to extremes in one direction or another. In this dream, someone was telling me, “If your balance is off, you have to check the foundation.” Immediately, I thought of our neighbor’s house and the problem they have had with snakes burrowing down around their foundation. Then, I thought of a house we lived in, briefly, about 5 years ago. The foundation was slanted. The whole house tilted forward. Throughout this dream, I was seeing images of concrete with cracks in it, etc…

I woke up with this still heavy on my mind. If something is off in my life, perhaps I need to look at the foundation. Where am I rooting myself? In God and the Word or in myself and my own needs? Have I let snakes get to my foundation? Are their cracks that need mending? Am I leaning a little too far in one direction?

If the top is unbalanced, you may need to look at the bottom.


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