The Most Beautiful Woman I Know

On Saturday, I saw the most beautiful woman in the world…

My Mother.

Now, actually, I saw Mom everyday last week and a few days the week before, but she was at her most beautiful on Saturday. We went to Ashley’s baby shower. Mom’s best friend from when I was little was there (Ashley’s Mom) and I know Mom was excited to see her. Also, Mom took Ashley the baby quilt she made for her. I had been so proud of the Mommy Book I worked on for Ash, but the quilt stole the show.

This is as it should be.

My mom is simply amazing. She can take some scraps of fabric, a needle and thread and create art. There is no machine involved in my mother’s work. She painstakingly stitches every little dot on every quilt she makes. You can click HERE to see a picture of Ashley with the quilt Mom made for her son, Caleb, who will be born in June. Growing up, my memories include Mom on the couch, a wash of fabric covering her lower half, the silver thimble glinting on her thumb, and a look of concentration on her face. I desperately wanted to be good at sewing. I was so proud of what she could do.

Let’s just say, I did not inherit that particular form of artistic ability.

On Saturday, after the gifts were opened, I sat down next to my Mama on the sofa, where she was talking to Ashley’s mom and mother-in-law. The topic turned to her talent with a needle, and my mother lit up. It was like seeing the sun rise while standing right on the elusive horizon. Years and years dropped from my mother’s face, and I saw – for just a moment – the face I am sure God sees when He looks at her. Sheer glory.

My mother is the most beautiful woman I know.


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